Yye Software has been helping businesses around Atlanta convert their traditional website to a mobile friendly website. We provide free website conversion analysis customized for your business. Please contact us today.
Whether or not you need a mobile friendly website is no longer a question. As of 2013, mobile devices surpassed traditional desktop and laptops in the way of traffic on eCommerce web sites and as of October 2016, mobile has become the number one device used on the web. Mobile friendly websites are not just for eCommerce, all websites should be mobile friendly if they intend on retaining visitors. More than half of users on mobile devices leave a website immediately (bounce) if the website is not mobile friendly. More than half of users on mobile devices are more likely to buy if the website is mobile friendly. Did you know that Google will give preference to those with mobile friendly websites where all else is equal?

Our proven process has allowed to convert a number of sites from traditional to mobile friendly. In several situations, the technology behind the website is over a decade. We can handle any legacy website sent our way.

Here's how we do it ...

Site Analysis
The first step is analyzing your website and taking inventory of your existing technology stack. We also utilize industry standard tools, such as Google Mobile Optimizer, to see where you score. If you haven't already, plug your website into Google Mobile Optimizer and see how you score. You might not even need us!
Responsive Design
Responsive design are the principles employed to ensure that websites look great on all devices. Before we migrate anything from your existing site, our team works with you to come up with a responsive design that you and your customers will love. We even work with BYOD (bring your own design) as long as the design meets the responsive design principles.
The last step is fitting your legacy site into your brand new mobile friendly responsive design. This is typically the trickiest part since pages can be dynamic, use external script files or integrate with other sites where you may not have complete creative control. Yye Software takes great care to make sure that all of the functionality is moved from your legacy site to your mobile friendly site.

What Does It Cost?

Of course, every website is different, but over the years we've compiled an average to give you an idea of what your site might cost.

Page Count Estimated Cost
1 Page $500
3 Pages $800
5 Pages $1000
Please contact us today for a free mobile friendly migration plan customized for your business!
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