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React Native Sports App Tutorial

Building a small sports score React Native application from the ground up.

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Setting Up the React Native Environment

I was first tasked with setting up a simple, proof of concept, “Hello World” application that ran on both iOS and Android.

Environment Particulars

I’m on a Macbook Pro. I’m using Visual Studio Code as my IDE, but I’m not too religious about editors. I’ve choosen yarn over npm for package management. And of course, git for source control. That’s really all you need.


or crna for short. If you’re familiar with React, this is more or less equivalent to that. It quickly creates a React Native application with sensible defaults. To get started, I loaded it via yarn.

yarn add create-react-native-app global

Navigate to the root directory of where you hold your apps/repos. For me, this is my ~/projects folder.

cd ~/projects
create-react-native-app sports-app
cd sports-app
yarn start

Out of the box, you can use an app called Expo. Install Expo on your mobile device. Now open your editor and load App.js. With Expo running on your device, make some changes to the <Text> areas and save them. The application on your phone will update with those changes in near real time. Super awesome!

Congratulations! You now have a functioning mobile application that runs on iOS and Android.

Unfortunately, I have some bad news. All of the goodness we get from crna and Expo is going away almost immediately. I’ll explain why and go through the steps next.

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