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React Native Sports App Tutorial

Building a small sports score React Native application from the ground up.

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Introducing Navigation to our React Native App

Navigation is a bit of a political subject at the moment. I believe the general consensus is that there are pitfalls and cons to whatever you choose. At the time of this writing, there are really 3 choices (several attempts at nav have been abandoned).

Lets start with react-navigation. It’s big attractions to me are:


The folks at have even given their own pitch/anti-pitch as to why you should or shouldn’t use that library. React navigation pitch/anti-pitch.




react-native-navigation v2

I cannot speak to this, as I haven’t tried it. I wanted to point it out because the folks at wix are encouraging folks to use it. At this stage, it’s an alpha product and has been that way for some time and I don’t really have a compelling reason to switch to v2. I may play with it some day for fun, but for our purposes, I’m going to eliminate it from the list of consideration.

My choice is …


React Native Navigation.

As mentioned in the cons, the setup is a pain, but no more painful than the vector icons. It’s one and done and the samples provided make up the setup time really quickly.

With that said, I encourage anyone who comes across this today to re-evaluate the react native navigation situation each time you’re developing a new app or refactoring an existing app.

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