We develop custom software solutions. We develop mobile and web applications for business. We integrate with many popular packages such as Quickbooks Online, Joomla, WordPress, SalesForce and more! Our seasoned software architects have been delivering values to businesses since 2004. Our mission is to deliver value through automation, removing duplication and ensuring high quality business intelligence. If you have any particular needs or simply wish to investigate the feasibility of an idea you have, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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We're Hiring!

We're looking for a new C# software developer to join our team full-time in our office in Kennesaw.

Mobile App Development Just Got Cheaper Thanks To ...

Explore some newer technology that allows us to write applications faster and cheaper and some questions you need to ask and consider when hiring a mobile app developer to develop your next mobile application.

Stop Duplicate Data Entry In Quickbooks Online

Quickbooks Online is often times a repository for company data collected from various systems. In this post, we begin to outline how to stop data re-entry into Quickbooks Online.

How To Hire a Mobile App Development Company

An investment in mobile is big. The payoff can be bigger. This article outlines some common pitfalls and oversights when looking to hire a mobile app development company and questions to consider to ensure success when building a mobile app.

Do I Really Need a Mobile App For My Business?

Previously we discussed the cost to develop a mobile app. This article dives into whether or not your business actually needs a mobile app developed.

How Much To Develop a Mobile App?

A frequently asked question is how much does a phone or mobile app cost to develop? We walk through a quick way to help estimate the cost.

Mobile Phone App Development

If you're a developer looking to start learning mobile phone app development, check out our ongoing React Native tutorial series. Build a phone app from the ground up!

Stop Using Excel!

Are you still using Excel for mission critical business operations? This is likely the wrong tool for the job.

Mobile Friendly Website Conversion


Quickbooks Online Integration

Yye Software is servicing customers for Quickbooks Online Integration. If you're using or thinking about switching to Quickbooks online, see how Yye Software can aid in conversion, integration and automation.

Adding Typescript to React Native

If you're a mobile application developer using React Native and want to start using Typescript, check out our fast tutorial on incorporating Typescript into your React Native project.

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